Thank you in advance for considering buying any artwork produced by Petru Botezatu.

His sacred and secular artwork is already part of important private and public (museum) collections all over the world.

We would like you to keep in mind that the artist PETRU BOTEZATU is a well known public figure, as you can find out more reading the notes included on this site or on He was quite often featured on public Television in the US or Romania, his country of origin.

Due to his public artwork in both USA and Europe, his exceptional skills and phenomenal scale of his projects under way, he commends permanent public attention and under the camera scrutiny pretty much all the time.

We will include with any purchase a free of charge copy of the Documentary produced by The Romanian Public Television under the direction of Ella Panait of which an entire episode is dedicated to collectors of Petru`s icons in the US.

To commission the artist to paint any replica of the icons or angels already sold, please contact us. A time frame and deadline will be first discussed and a 50 % deposit will be required in advance. Usually he spends the summer time in Europe, and winter months in Birmingham, Alabama, in the US.

To purchase any of the icons or angels available for sale on this site, please contact us first by e-mail or telephone.

You can pay us now by check, money order or make a wire or a direct transfer, if you wish.

NOTE: In the near future we will make arrangements so you can also pay by credit card.

As soon as we have the confirmation of your payment from our bank, We will ship by:

according to your specification, at the address indicated in your e-mail.

Cost of shipping, handling and insurance is, in general, about 10% of the cost of your purchase.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 1 (one) week after receiving it. You will have to pay for the return shipping and the artwork must arrive back to us in perfect condition.

We will refund you the entire amount you have payed, and make sure we`ll do whatever it takes to have you satisfied.

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